Workshop Outline: Waste Not Want Not
Nā tō rourou, nā taku rourou ka ora ai te iwi.
With your food basket and my food basket the people will thrive.

Expected Outcomes:
Participants will learn how to use the Mathematics and Statistics Curriculum in the NZC to help students understand savings they can make economically and environmentally.

  1. Look in the fridge – what gets used; what is wasted? Data squares.
  2. Read newspaper article Sunday Star Times 13-11-11 “Wasteful Kiwis still biffing costly fruit and vegetables.” Show percentages on the abacus and play ‘ripper bingo’ (file below).
  3. Shopping coupons – record the cash price for that item
  4. Rounding and compensating – add 2 or 3 items efficiently and state the eftpos price
  5. Use Slavonic abacus and estimate the economic waste 10% or 20% etc is left unused.
  6. What could it be used for? Handy recipes to turn throw a ways into quick nutritious food e.g. soup, nachos; muffins, quiche
  7. Junior Master chef – using what’s in the fridge and garden/ or food in a minute without the cans
  8. Link to Te Reo
  9. Making the most of your freezer; leftovers for lunches or frozen for quick dinners
  10. Venn diagrams (freeze, compost, cook, lunch).
  11. What about the packaging waste – link to Waste Timeline Illustration
  12. Create a game with coupons and garden pictures; spinner freeze, compost, cook etc

  • shopping coupons
  • place value money
  • fridge picture
  • Slavonic abacus
  • waste timeline
  • Illustration (copies)
  • dice
  • gameboard
  • postits (to record the things that are most often left in your fridge

CC - happy for people to use this. Please acknowledge that the workshop overview and game cards were created by Louisa Linterman at Accent Learning.
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