Numeracy Lead Teachers Day 2009 Resources

Basic Facts for all - Carmel Wilson Redwood School

Community of inquiry - Anna Borrer Miramar North School

Data and Dots - Pip Arnold Auckland University

Digital Learning Centres - Janine Barnden Accent Learning

Geometry Kete - Paper Folding - Derek Smith The Correspondence School

How to Lead Effectively - Neil Withington Accent Learning

Keynote Speakers: Pip Arnold Auckland University Michael Drake Victoria University of Wellington

English Language Learners and Numeracy - Jan Baynes Accent Learning

Developing a 'Mathematics and Statistics Implementation Plan' - Julie Roberts Accent Learning

Organisation of Resources in the Junior Classroom - Gillian Kissling Accent Learning & Paula Hedley Raumati South School

Planning and the NZ Maths Website - Ruth Pritchard Victoria University of Wellington

Rich Maths tasks Students - Louisa Linterman and Sue Campbell Accent Learning

Learn about Scale - Michael Drake Victoria University Of Wellington